Romantic wedding ceremony ideas


Do you dream about gentle and touching deeply to your heart destination wedding ceremony in picturesque place?

In June we were lucky to make wedding photography of the very nice couple Dima and Nastya who decided to organise their destination wedding in Montenegro (Crna Gora) practically by themselves with their own ideas and thoughts. It was very interesting to be on such a wedding, because the way they organised was very gentle and touched our heart. So, we want to share with you some romantic wedding ceremony ideas from the wedding which was held in Tivat (Montenegro) that made it so gentle, light and romantic:
the hues for decoration (green olive colour with white peonies, wedding isle was decorated with green olive, bride’s wedding bouquet was made of white peonies with green olives, wedding table and chairs were all decorated with green olives);


- two white boats (Dima sailed towards Nastya on boat and they first met each other before the ceremony in the Kotor Bay and during this action violin girl played live music and ballet dancer made perfomance for guests).


- violin music girl (beautiful live violin music was played during ballet perfomance);


- ballerina dancer  (our couple found gracious ballerina Violetta, who made special ballet dance before the ceremony and helped them with wedding rings during ceremony);

Here we mentioned a short list of romantic ideas but combining all them made this wedding look very gentle and romantic, you can view more photos from this wedding here.


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